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Idea-I sketch: The first idea is only a combination of circles. I start drawing with easy shape and try to make a development. 概念1:第一個想法是以圓形為出發點,以減法的方式處理而得到的形狀. Idea-I development: With a little bit of developement, this shape came out. It is for only two pencils. But I am not really satisfied with this[…..]

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Kollektion Januar : Theater- Alien World


About Theater: Alien World Alien World is my work in stage design. In this course we had to make our imagination wild, just figure out a world which is creative. For me, i thought a world that has never seen before is especially a great idea to create my theater,[…..]

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Collection for December: Portrait


Kollektion für Dezember: Portrait. In diese Monat habe ich viel Portrait gemacht. Das ist auch den Grund ich möchte in Dezember meine alle Portrait einfühgen. Ich zeichne gerne Portrait wegen Portrait ein Person beschreiben kann. Ich beobachte den Gesicht gerne. For December i would like to show all the portrait[…..]

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Fenster: Global Village


Window-glass design: Mr. Feige told us to make a design on the glass of the door and the window. I make two types, and my topic is Global Village. We’re from different countries, cities and also culture. we take culture shock everyday if we go abroad and study. It is[…..]

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this Week we’ve made again Portrait. Since i luv it, i made it twice. this time my first Model is Upendo. She is a sweet girl, and on her face u can always see confidence, a little bit childlike and you would like to get close to her. I want[…..]

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colage Übung


this is actually the works in glass course. We have to use different colors, materials, forms to make a Collage. (剪報) my topic is :“Rabbish“ the organic shapes in my work represent the words we said, nonsence and gossips. they don’t really mean anything but as you can see, we’ve[…..]

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Porträt:Alex und Merlin


Porträt: Portrait is always a topic i like a lot. I like to observe people on face, especially my friends, teachers. i always draw our teacher’s face when the courses are too boring :P So when Mr. Feige said we’r going to make Portrait, i would like to try it[…..]

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Works for Nov (Der Anfang)


Everything starts from here :) 一切都是從這裡開始的 This work was the first painting for me in Best-Sabel. It’s already started in Kienbaum, where we have a 5-days camp. In this work we used the painting when we were in Kienbaum. We make the quick sketch on the riverside, and now we[…..]

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